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The Microsoft Portal

Welcome to the Microsoft Portal! This page is a guide to Wikiversity learning resources that are about Microsoft products in general. Please help create and organize learning resources at the content development projects.

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Microsoft .Net Framework

The .NET technology provides a new approach to the software development.

This has required Internet software developers to understand a host of technologies and integration issues. .NET is designed and intended for highly distributed software, making Internet functionality and interoperability easier and more transparent to include in systems than ever before.

Did you know...
  • ... that Microsoft's revenues on Microsoft Office are in the range of $250 million USD a week?
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Microsoft news
  • Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8 RC1 and comes out of Beta.
  • Microsoft names their Vista successor Windows 7, using its previous codename for simplicity.
  • Service Pack 1 was released for Windows Vista
  • Microsoft bid $44.6 billion for Yahoo
  • Microsoft Surface, a table with a multitouch-based interface and object recognition technology, is unveiled.
  • Microsoft will acquire aQuantive for $6 billion.
  • Microsoft released Windows XP SP3
  • Microsoft showed off Windows 7 build 6933 at the PDC 2008.
  • Microsoft handed out Windows 7 build 6801 to attendees at the PDC 2008.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 version is now available.
Things you can do

This portal is about all things Microsoft, from its history to its products to its criticism.

--- hi Note: This Portal is intending to organize all Microsoft pages.

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