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Welcome to the School of Integral Medicine - The GUT of Medicine!

There is much criticism about the current state of medical care. The School of Integral Medicine or, with a grain of salt, the Grand Unified Theory of Medicine too is critical towards the conventional medicine as it is applied today. But it is critcal in an orthogonal way to the Alternative medicine and the like. Integral Medicine promotes a more scientific approach in medical care. Natural sciences should not only be the sole foundation of medical research but also be much more applied and respected in everyday medical care.

Here it is thought the current crisis of the conventional medicine is caused by the medical science

  1. giving way to esoteric theories which are not backed by or even contradict natural sciences and mathematics, thus undermining its own credibility,
  2. adopting ideas from e.g. holistic medicine but failing to provide an integral approach to medical care by even ignoring surrounding parts of the same organ in medical examinations,
  3. sticking to traditional medical treatments which continue to a lack a scientific explanation of their mode of action, like treating Bipolar disorder by more or less poisoning patients with Lithium,
  4. limits itself to the treatment of symptoms and even fails to try to find and eliminate the causes.

The founder's motivation to establish the School of Integral Medicine has developed from:

  1. the observation, over the years more and more facts became evident linking together his various health problems, partially dating back to his childhood days.
  2. the realization such cross-links are very hard to find, unless you already know what you are looking for.
  3. the experience, health problems other than physical traumata have always been treated as isolated symptoms, if at all, and never never been solved by the conventional medical care.

Ultimately this culminated on Saturday, June 16, 2015 when a search for various combinations of personal health issues, as well as substances like capsaicin or coffee, with Helicobacter did yield a series of full hits. This also inspired the humorous reference to the quest for a Grand Unified Theory of Physics. Nevertheless the School of Integral Medicine is not trying to find a Bacteriosaurus Rex being identified as the cause of all evil.

Our aim is to create a mesh of verifiable medical information, cross-linked together to simplify finding interrelations between individual items by the people affected as well as medical staff.

The School of Integral Medicine's Primary Concerns[edit]

This School is named Integral Medicine because it wants medical care to move away from treating isolated symptoms towards a biologically holistic view of the organism, based solely on natural sciences.

The School of Integral Medicine

  1. aims at providing cross-linked reliable information to facilitate finding the true causes of health issues by the people affected and medical staff.
  2. promotes a more scientific approach in everyday medical examinations and treatment. E.g. it is not enough to assess a high blood glucose level and a pronounced response in a glucose stress test to positively diagnose a defective organ. There are plenty of other possible causes for low insulin levels. To name only two:
    1. The body may not have enough resources to produce insulin, namely the amino acids the protein is composed of. This is not unlikely even with an otherwise sufficient protein supply, as the protein uptake may be reduced for various reasons.
    2. The organism may proactively reduce the insulin level to increase lipolysis and shed off excess body fat or a decreased insulin sensitivity may originally have a similar regulative effect.
  3. does not support holistic, alternative or complementary medicine and the like. In fact it opposes any esoteric treatment or interpretation of symptoms, diseases and other health issues. Yet it supports and encourages the use of natural or traditional medication, when the mode of action can be explained by the application of logics and natural sciences.
  4. specifically excludes Psychology as a Catch-22 medicine which gives all the power to the medical staff. Psychological explanations inherently cannot effectively be contended by the person affected as they blame an improper functioning of that persons mind as the cause of the problem: Catch-22. Additionally psychology increasingly serves as an excuse for medical care not appropriately dealing with experienced health problems. This is not a disapproval of psychology as a whole. Just its place is outside the integral medicine and it should be applied in medical treatment with great care only. Even psychology can be lethal when it causes physiological origins of severe health problems not to be detected and thus not cured.
  5. The School of Integral Medicine pursues its goals by collecting, cross-linking and providing verifiable sources for information related to health problems, symptoms, medically effective substances etc.


  1. Any Learning Project published in the School of Integral Medicine which is concerned with health issues, symptoms, substance and the like must contain a section named Cross-references which lists positive, neutral and negative relationships to other topics through individual reference pages. The list initially may be empty.
  2. The reference pages should discuss the specific relationship in at least one of the sections Plus, Minus and Neutral and must provide verifiable sources as wiki references.

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Allegory of Helicobacter pylori

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  • June 6, 2015 - School founded.