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Certificate in Christian Leadership

The Certificate in Christian Leadership program is a proposed program of the AWF School designed to prepare Christians to serve as leaders in their church and society. When approved by the AWF Board, it will be the School's flagship program and one of the first certificate programs to be offered on the Wikiversity platform.

Curriculum and content is primarily geared towards AWF leadership, but many of the concepts covered will be applicable towards leadership in other churches. Students build upon their knowledge and faith by studying the foundational beliefs of Christianity in depth. Working from this foundation, students are instructed in Scriptural leadership in the Pastoral phase and learn God's expectations for those he has called to serve his flock as leaders.

The program will be rigorous and similar in difficulty to seminary level coursework. There are three phases in the program that will be offered through Wikiversity and will be available to the general public. A certificate will be awarded after the completion of Phases I-III, and most students will not have to progress further. The fourth phase will be a culminating internship for AWF leadership candidates only.

Admission Requirements

Any interested and qualified individual may enroll in any course at any time. Some courses may have prerequisites, which are listed here on the AWF School website.

Students seeking full admission to the program will need to locate an individual who is willing to serve as their Mentor for the program. During a brief conference with the Mentor, you will go over your preparation for the program and check that the requirements have been met. Once all requirements are met, the Mentor will nominate you for admission and you will receive your formal admission letter by email.

Requirements for full admission are as follows;

  • Able to read and write English fluently
  • Completed the following foundational courses with average grades of 75% or better
    • CBS 1: The Gospel of John
    • CBL 1: Mere Christianity
    • CCL 1A: Pastoral Epistles 1
    • CCL 1B: Pastoral Epistles 2
    • CCL 1C: Pastoral Epistles 3
  • Has participated in a conference with a Mentor
  • Has been nominated by a Mentor (see above)
  • Enrolled in CCL 2

Faculty includes those who instruct classes, mentor students, and serve as subject tutors for this program. Anyone who is interested in serving as a faculty member is encouraged to speak with the School Director.

Other Programs

The Agape World Fellowship School will not be offering any other programs at this time. Please suggest any program you would like to see developed on the main talk page.

Program Requirements

Agape World Fellowship School will award a certificate upon completion of the following approved courses with a grade of 75% or better.

Foundational Phase

  • Gospel of John
  • Mere Christianity
  • The Pastoral Epistles 1
  • The Pastoral Epistles 2
  • The Pastoral Epistles 3

Pastoral Phase

  • Developing Discernment
  • Leadership Character
  • Leadership Skills
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership

Culminating Phase

  • Experiencing Christian Leadership