Perl/Installing on *Nix Systems

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Installing for Beginners[edit | edit source]

In almost all cases, Perl comes as an installable package or already pre-installed on most modern Unix variants. You simply have to choose the appropriate version and use the built-in tools that come with your Unix variant to add Perl to your system.

Advanced Installation[edit | edit source]

For advanced installation, you must first obtain the Perl source code. Perl sources comes with a powerful tool called configure, which uses simple shellscripts and small c programs to determine what is installed on the target system, so it can build a proper Perl executable. A C compiler is necessary for compilation from sources.

The following


run from a command shell would run the configure program and then the make facility to build the binary.


make install

would require root priviledge, but would install the binaries in a directory where all users could access the program.

Recommended Resources[edit | edit source]

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