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This learning project is brought to you by the Division of Peace Studies. When contributing to this learning project, please adhere to the Peace Studies learning project guidlines and the Peace Studies learning project template.

Aims and Objectives

[edit | edit source]
  • To be able to define Shalom.
  • To understand the concept of Shalom as a holistic view of peace and social justice.
  • To be able to practially and academically apply the concept of Shalom to situations requiring conflict transformation or reconcilation.

Introduction to the Topic

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"The Hebrew word shalom has a wider meaning than the English equivalent peace, for it signifies welfare of every kind: security, contentment, sound health, prosperity, friendship, peace of mind and heart, as opposed to the dissatisfaction and unrest caused by evil."

Encyclopedia of Jewish Concepts by Philip Birnbaum page 601 (previously published as A Book of Jewish Concepts) [1]

Learning Materials

[edit | edit source]
  • Including links to learning materials in wikiversity, wikipedia, and on the internet.

Shalom Magazine [2] - A source of news about Eurpean Jews in the name of Peace or rather the name of "Shalom."

Background to the Israel-Palestine Crisis [3] - The history of the crisis in Palestine, the start to peace is knowing where we went wrong.

Reading List

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Ideally, readings should be available on the internet, and the links made available. Give a brief summary of each reading, and possibly some questions with which to address the text. Readings that are unavailable on the internet should be referenced in the following way:

  • Author, A., Title of Book (Location: Publisher, Year of Publication).


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  • Edit and improve this learning project.