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This learning project is brought to you by the Division of Peace Studies. When contributing to this learning project, please adhere to the Peace Studies learning project guidlines and the Peace Studies learning project template.

Aims and Objectives

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Introduction to the Topic

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Learning Materials

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  • Including links to learning materials in wikiversity, wikipedia, and on the internet.

Isreal Today [1] - A source of the latest news from Isreal... perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of world religions today!

Reform Judaism [2] - The study of Judaism today would not be complete without giving though to those at the forefront of their reforms.

Tikkun [3] - It could be said that in the past century Judaism has the been the world's religion most focused on the topic of PEACE, here the Tikkun magazine describes their latest views.

Reading List

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Ideally, readings should be available on the internet, and the links made available. Give a brief summary of each reading, and possibly some questions with which to address the text. Readings that are unavailable on the internet should be referenced in the following way:

  • Author, A., Title of Book (Location: Publisher, Year of Publication).


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