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First Section[edit | edit source]

This is a Wikiversity article that can be converted on the fly into a presentation.

Second Section[edit | edit source]

This is a Wiki2Reveal Demo page for testing embedded audio and video files. In the exported presentation in Reveal you can see a triangle "►". The triangle indicates that currently an audio comment is available for audioplayer below. Click on the triangle to start the audio in the slide mode of Wiki2Reveal.

Third Section[edit | edit source]

  • (Presenter Slides) You can present the slides in you browser as presenter in slides mode by pressing (S)
  • (Fullscreen Mode) By pressing (F) in you browser (e.g. Firefox) you see slides in full screen
  • (Annotation of Slides) you can annotate slides with a stylus. Press (C) to comment slides. Be aware of the fact, that the annotations are performed in your browser ONLY and all annotations are lost on RELOAD of the page.

Purpose of the Document[edit | edit source]

This is a Audio slides Wiki2Reveal Test Page that is used to check converting a Wiki page "on the fly" into a reveal presentation.

slide is splitted by audio sample, first Accordion sound

Audio Comments in Section[edit | edit source]

Audio Comments in the text can be used

  • to add additional audio comments to a slide or
  • to play audio samples in the reveal presentation

Now a Rock Beat for drums

Splitting Slide with Audio[edit | edit source]

This slide is split by audio sample, first Accordion sound Press play on audio player and hear the accordion sound Again the Rock Beat for drums

Blackboard for each Page[edit | edit source]

  • You have a blackboard for each page - press (B) to enter the blackboard mode for the slide
  • blackboard slide have a grey background and you can write on it for additional comments
  • leave blackboard mode - press (B) again
  • blackboard comments are performed in your browser ONLY. A comments are not stored for the Wiki2Reveal session and lost on RELOAD.

Inline Math Expression in Slides[edit | edit source]

The condition that U be simply connected means that U has no "holes" or, in homotopy terms, that the fundamental group of U is trivial; for instance, every open disk qualifies. The condition is crucial; consider

Block Math Expression in Slides[edit | edit source]

which traces out the unit circle, and then the path integral

is non-zero; the Cauchy integral theorem does not apply here since because the domain of is not a convex set (.

Embedded Video[edit | edit source]

Video about a gravitational lens Two black holes that rotate.

Annotation/Comments of Slides[edit | edit source]

Blackboard Screenshot[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]

Wiki2Reveal Information[edit | edit source]

Page Information[edit | edit source]

You can display this page as Wiki2Reveal slides

Wiki2Reveal[edit | edit source]

The Wiki2Reveal slides were created for the PanDocElectron' and the Link for the Wiki2Reveal Slides was created with the link generator.