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Evolution on the outside may be a progression of simple life to complex life, while that is the case for some species a great many have evolved to a suitable structure to allow their survival in multiple habitats and geologic eras. see w:Introduction to evolution

The pages below are based on personal research and observation of the author and are accepted scientific knoledge, they are designed for the person who has little knoledge of the subject. To get a better idea please also refer to Causes of Speciation, Berkeley University

Observed Instances of Speciation by Joseph Boxhorn

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Please read w:Introduction to evolution

By referring to the w:Geologic time scale you can get a basic understanding of the length evolution has taken, and what the world was like during each phase in the time line. This does not display individual species but the basic groups of related animals like w:tetrapods, w:Dinosaurs and other life, this is because different types of anatomically differentiated species are around for different time periods. A better understanding to the life process can be found here. You need to read this for a clearer understanding of the theories behind the concept.

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