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Welcome to History of the Ottoman Empire course!
Educational level: this is a secondary education resource.
Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.
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Hi! Welcome to the "History of the Ottoman Empire" course. This course's goals are: teaching, quizzing, and homework. After seven weeks, successful students will become assistants. After eleven weeks, the most successful student will become a "professional student". The first lesson will begin on 20 June 2010 and the second lesson will start on 8 July 2010. Good luck... --Bermanya 16:24, 16 June 2010 (UTC)

Rules of this course[edit | edit source]

  • Students must do homework.
  • Students must ask questions about the Ottoman Empire.
  • Students must take quizzes.
  • Successful students will become assistants.

If you wish to take this course, please add this template to your user page: {{History of Ottoman}}

Schedule[edit | edit source]

The aim of this course is that to give some knowledge about Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkish History in professional level. Students have to do their homework, follow the lessons, solve the quizzes and if they need, they should ask their questions to their instructor. If the students aren't interested in their homework, then don't spend any effort for them, don't follow the lessons and don't solve the quizzes, they will add in to inactive students list. Before adding in to inactive students list, they will be warned. When The History of Ottoman Empire semester is completed, the most succesful students who obey the rules of this lesson will be chosen as assistant students. In the second semester, the most succesful students will be chosen as an assistant professor. In the last week, the most successful student will be chosen as professional student. When the course is over, successful students will get an award from the instructor.

General Quizzes[edit | edit source]

Lessons[edit | edit source]

Semester I: Age of the Ottoman Empire (20 June '10 - 15 September '10)[edit | edit source]

Semester II: Age of Modern Turkey (20 November '10 - 27 February '11)[edit | edit source]

Homework this week[edit | edit source]

Week V: There is homework this week;

1-) Why were revolts period of Suleiman I


2-) Which states were enemy of Ottoman Empire period of Suleiman I?


3-) When did Hayreddin Barbarossa become commander of Ottoman navy?


Questions[edit | edit source]

If you have any questions, please write here... Are Turks related to Asians in any way?

Is Turk related to Korean ethnically or historically?

Students[edit | edit source]

If you want to be a student of this course, please add your user name below:

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