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Course objective[edit]

Introductory Open Educational Resources (OER) course focused mainly for elementary school teachers from developing nations. After the course participants should be able

  • recognise open and free educational resources online
  • understand the different license policies
  • learn how to reuse, create new, remix and share/distribute educational resources
  • spread the awareness
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Course length[edit]

4 weeks ( 4 classes, each 2 to 3 hrs long. Total - not more than 10 Hours)
Registration: Interested participants please register your name here.

Target audience[edit]

Anyone interested to learn the basics of searching, creating, re-using and sharing license free English resources for the core purpose of educating the elementary and secondary school students. This course is prepared with keeping in mind that elementary school teachers from developing nations will not have regular access to computers and internet.


This course is focused towards school teachers from developing nations teaching in English medium schools, hence this course will be in English language. The participants are encouraged and are welcome to search, remix and re-use educational materials in other languages that are meant to be re-used and re-distributed.

Course Assignments[edit]

Participants are encouraged to open their own blog or a course community discussion page (like Facebook group or common blog space) where in they are expected to submit their assignments and share opinions about the suggested readings.

Class meetings[edit]

This class will meet semi-synchronously online. This means, the first and fourth week class will be synchronous online meeting (skype conferencing with participants at an agreed time) and the second and third will be asynchronous online meeting (online self study time). For suggestion on how do you prefer this classes to be organised and more related discussions, please click here.

Course Schedule[edit]

Week 1 (Class 1- online synchronous meeting)
students learning about Solar System, Grace Model School, Hyderabad, India.


  • Create a blog or a community blog page, or a group Facebook page.
  • Read the suggested readings and write a one page introducing OER to a school that you know does not use OER.
  • Watch the clips/short videos on this website and discuss on your blog/common webspace what you think about them.

you can email your answers to the course facilitator or choose to post it on your blog or the group community web space.

Useful links and suggested readings:

Week 2 (Class 2 – asynchronous meeting)


  • Find and list other open educational resources relevant to your geographical area.
  • Design or re-mix a resource relevant to your subject area.

Useful links and suggested readings:

Week 3 (Class 3 – asynchronous meeting)
  • Remixing lesson plans and redistributing it.
  • How to create new resources in LeMill, Connexions.


  • Find educational materials that are relevant to your class syllabus and re-mix them to suit your class needs.Submit them on your blog or community web space.

Useful links and suggested readings:

Week 4 (Class 4 - online synchronous meeting)
LeMill homepage.
  • Presentation and Feedback/discussion

Participants are hereby requested to submit all their work online, and write a one page on what they have learnt from this course and how they will use this knowledge in their classes. This will be continued with an online discussion with the teachers and school teachers.

Evaluation and feedback[edit]

All the resources uploaded/submitted online/electronically will be evaluated with Pass or Fail or Complementary feedback remarks.

Additional useful Links[edit]



This course is the brainchild of Hans Poldoja - my thesis supervisor and Sirje Virkus - my teacher. Without their help and ideas I would not have plunged this deep into the fascinating world of Open Educational Resources.

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