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OpenStax (formerly OpenStax College) is a nonprofit ed-tech initiative based at Rice University. Since 2012, OpenStax has created peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks, which are available in free digital formats and for a low cost in print. All textbook content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Licenses; specifically, the books are available under the CC BY license (except for Calculus, which is CC BY-NC-SA), which means that instructors are free to use, adapt, and remix the content, as long as they attribute OpenStax.[1]

The following Wikiversity resources devoted to OpenStax textbooks. These resources also included materials available at Although the versions found on Wikiversity are out-of-date, some might find them more convenient to access.

  • OpenStax Calculus: No resources have been developed, but (out-of-date) pdf versions of the three volume textbook are posted on Wikiversity at: V1 | V2 | V3

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