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 A Open Educational Resources Sink (OER-Sink) is a content reservoir that accumulates and stores educational resources for an indefinite period. The process by which educational resources sinks to the repository from other document formats is partially performed

  • by technical format conversion e.g. PanDoc and/or by
  • editing and revising the content itsself for better multiformat application in education.

The benefit of the OER-Sink can be described by the multiformat conversion from the sinks into other well-know document formats like LaTeX, OpenDocument Format, HTML, PDF, Word, .... Content, that is available in Mediawiki Markdown can be converted in LaTeX and used e.g. for Dynamic Reports in Sweave with R and Knitr in MarkDown e.g by PanDoc-Online Converter. There are also different strategies used to enhance this process and combine different document formats and data analysis with OER.

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