Norwegian Language/Lesson II

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This lesson of Norwegian will be teaching about basic words. Simple, easy words, that can get you off to a good start to the Norwegian language.

Basic words[edit | edit source]

Engelsk Norsk
Boy Gutt
Girl Jente
Woman Kvinne
Man Mann
  • The boy - Gutten; Boys - Gutter; The boys - Guttene
  • The girl - Jenta; Girls - Jenter; The girls - Jentene
  • The woman - Kvinnen; Women - Kvinner; The women - Kvinnene
  • The man - Mannen; Men - Manner; The men - Mannene

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Some basic vocabulary for you to review. Make sure to review them, not too much though!

  • An apple - Et eple (more on "et eple" in the food course)
  • A book - En bok; The book - Boken; Books - bøker; The books - Bøkene
  • Drinking (present tense) - Drikker
  • Water - Vann; The water - Vannet;
  • A letter - Et brev; The letter - Brevet; The letters - Brevene
  • Eating (present tense) - Spiser
  • Seeing (present tense) - Ser
  • And - Og
  • Milk - Melk; The milk - Melken

Sentence forming[edit | edit source]

Now that you know a good deal of Norwegian to make a sentence, translate these sentences!

  • Jeg drikker vann
  • Jeg ser et brev
  • Jeg er en gutt
  • Guttene drikker vann
  • Kvinnene og jentene drikker melk

Quizlet[edit | edit source]

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