Musical spatialism

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musical spatialism[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

What is "musical spatialism" ?

Working in the music field means to work on mecanism to provoque sound and difuse it in the space. And this is much more true now, in the age of electricity than before, when we were in the age of mecanic. Each sound is produced in an distinct acoustic space, because each moment, each space in time is unique. So when we speak about musical spatialism, first we are considering the space as a leading part in the structure of a music. Giving the space the essential part of the music is necessary acting vigorously on the elaboration, modulation and superposition of at least two acoustics spaces in a space time line composition. Working with the space as a primordial parameter is a different approach of musical composition than compose for instruments or compose with the computer. Methods of composition and tools will be the principal themes of this course.

Instruments V.S acousmatic music[edit | edit source]

Instrumental music and acousmatic music are different. Their tools are different. the possibilities of recording a sound and be able to modify it after offers a lot of options to the composer : Rhythmic options, acoustics options and put to disposition the total of sounds aviaible on the planet. Instrumental music is a lot based on melodies and harmonies principally