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Marry Me - Train

Lesson from Mahalo

Lesson by Kris Farrow

Read more about the background of this song on the Wikipedia page about the song

Music Video for the Song

This song uses a very common travis picking pattern and the pattern is quite consistent throughout the song. The chord voicings can be somewhat challenging for small hands but they can usually be managed at least as a stretch goal. This is a very popular song for wedding receptions.

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Song stats

Notable techniques: Travis Picking, Thumb Voicings, Open String CAGED Chords

Original Key: C


Tuning: Standard

Key fingering: C major

SWG Level/Sequences: Travis Picking Series

Practice logs:

This song is not in my practice log, which means I probably learned it on off hours by ear. I had already toured playing sets of Travis picking songs so the song was pretty much in my wheelhouse and I'm sure I picked it up very fast. Jon michael swift (discusscontribs) 21:07, 29 July 2016 (UTC)

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