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Stolen Dance - Milky Chance - Arr. Jon Michael Swift[edit | edit source]

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A great recent indie-folk release, this song's chill vibe and trippy lyrics captured the hearts of a younger generation. Little did many know that there is a slick fusion of guitar techniques present in this song, and we'll be doing an arrangement of this song that integrates some new percussive techniques in an accessible and versatile pattern to get you rolling on wrist thump techniques.

History[edit | edit source]

Stolen Dance is a song by German duo Milky Chance, released in 2013 in Germany. The single has reached number one in Austria, France, Belgium (Wallonia), Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

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Flagship Recordings/Performances[edit | edit source]

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Playing tips[edit | edit source]

The record of the song is a fusion of several relatively simple rhythmic elements which can actually be reduced to a solo guitar arrangement fairly easily. It's good to learn each of these layers separately both for musical understanding and to work your way up to more complex textures. Thumb slaps, wrist thumps, plucking and travis picking are all in the mixing, and integrating them can be challenging. It's a totally appropriate challenge for anyone looking to expand into these techniques for the first time.

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