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This series is going to present songs that use a combination of two bass-boosting guitar techniques. One is the percussive wrist thump, and the other use the double-thumb. This series will probably involve a lot of special arrangements since at the creation of this series there are relatively few songs that were written with these techniques in use. They are, however, very useful techniques for transcribing songs with heavier beats or that involving combining drums into a guitar reduction.

Gareth Evans has created an excellent 2-part introduction to the Wrist Thump Technique

The planned song list for this series is here. Feel free to suggest other ideas on the list below!

Song List[edit | edit source]

Double Thumb/Wrist Bump Original Artist Arranger Technique Link 1 Link 2
/Stolen Dance Milky Chance Jon Michael Swift 2 part Alternating Thump Texture
/Everyday People Sly and the Family Stone Jon Michael Swift Basic Double Thumb Groove
Renegades X Ambassador Jon Michael Swift Fingerpicking with thumping
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Jackson Brown and Bonnie Raitt Jon Michael Swift 3 part alternating thump texture
I knew you were trouble Taylor Swift Jon Michael Swift Faster Double Thumbs Music Video –
After an Afternoon Jason Mraz Jon Michael Swift Drum reduction Java Joes -
Hands to myself Selena Gomez Jon Michael Swift Interlacing complex loop parts
That's What You Get Paramore Jon Michael Swift Polyrhythms, complex bass riffs
Magic! Coldplay Sungha Jung Uneven Bass grooves Sungha's arrangement – Colplay original -
Woman Maroon 5 Jon Michael Swift Imterlacing complex loops
One Minute Krewella Jon Michael Swift Fast polyphonic texture
Spectrum Zedd Jon Michael Swift rapid texture changes

Suggested Song List[edit | edit source]