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Australian Census 2011 demographic map - Australia by SLA - BCP field 1244 Total Persons Both parents born in Australia

The phrase multicultural Australia conjures many images, particularly of myriad languages, ethnic groups, religions and cuisines. How did this ethnic and cultural diversity develop? What were the immigration policies that shaped the demographic of our population? When was multiculturalism as a concept and policy introduced and how has it evolved? What does Australia’s Multicultural Policy aim to achieve, and what structures and practices are required? How does Indigenous Australians unique position as the country’s first people interface with multiculturalism? These are a few of the aspects that will be examined, and providing the background necessary for exploring and analyzing the myriad dimensions of health and wellbeing of a multicultural population.

Lecture[edit | edit source]

Activity[edit | edit source]

Workshop[edit | edit source]

  1. Review of lecture, "Multicultural Australia: Monoculture to Cultural Pluralism"
  2. Working effectively in workshops and small groups
  3. Immigration Museum visit
  4. Assessments
  5. Making a multi media presentation - Leigh Blackall

Resources[edit | edit source]

Essential[edit | edit source]

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