Multicultural Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing/Ethnicity and chronic diseases

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Culture represents shared beliefs, values and understandings. Culture also provides a basis for understandings of health, illness and lifestyle to its members’. Australia as we know it today, is a migrant society with close to 30% of Australia’s population born overseas. Australia also faces a significant burden from chronic diseases. Some ethnically diverse groups face higher rates of certain chronic diseases when compared to the host Anglo-Australian population. It is thus essential to consider why might this be the case and what may the best strategies be to tackle these issues. Should we take a “one-size fits all” approach or should services be tailored to specific cultural needs? These are some of the aspects that will be examined in this lecture.


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Ethnicity, Culture and Chronic disease


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  1. Review of lecture, "Ethnicity, culture and chronic disease"
  2. Discussion on Healthy Immigrant Effect and Risk factors to diseases
  3. Online quiz changes
  4. Discuss submission of presentation
  5. Readings
  6. Group work


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Ethnicity and health - a video play list compiled by Sabrina Gupta


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  1. National Health Priority Areas:
  2. Australian Bureau of Statistics:

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