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Problems for discussion[edit | edit source]

  1. In general, do you think that evil resides in human nature or is it a product of a sick culture?
100% evil = ___ % human nature + ___ % environmental engineering
  1. As a parent raising a child who expresses a somewhat socially undesirable temperament, which option would you recommend - Explain/defend your answer:
    1. raise the child in his or her natural temperament or
    2. raise the child to conform to the more socially-desirable temperament?
  2. Do you mostly agree or mostly disagree with the following statement by Rogers: Learning does not follow from teaching. Rather, learning follows having one’s interests identified, facilitated, and supported.
  3. Explain the following concepts:
    1. growth-seeking and validation-seeking.
    2. Maslow’s distinction between growth and deficiency needs
    3. Rogers’ distinction between congruence and incongruence
    4. Autonomy and control causality orientations
  4. Discuss what types of social interactions
    1. support growth-seeking, growth needs, congruence, and an autonomy causality orientation?
    2. lead to validation-seeking, deficiency needs, facades, and a control causality orientation.