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Happiness - Practical exercises[edit | edit source]

Choose one of the following out-of-classroom "happiness exercises" from positive psychology therapy to try and report about your experience and the results in your e-portfolio:

  1. Gratitude visit. Write a letter or visit and share about your gratitude to someone who has been especially kind to you but never really thanked.
  2. Three good things in life. Each day, write down three things that go well and identify the cause of each.
  3. You at your best. Write about a time when you functioned at your best. Reflect on the personal resources that made that functioning possible.
  4. Beautiful day: See Seligman's TED talk.
  5. Identify signature strengths: Noting signature strengths and using them more often.
  6. Using signature strengths in a new way. Identify up to five personal signature strengths (from a list such as the one in Reeve, 2009, Table 15.3) and find a way to use each in a new way.

For more information\, see Positive psychology progress: Empirical validation of interventions (Seligman et al., 2005)