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Tables can be an effective, efficient way of organising and presenting information.

Examples[edit | edit source]

An example of a captioned table is provided in Table 1. Each table should be referred to at least in the main body text. Another example is provided in the book chapter template.

Table 1
Ways to Cultivate Awe in Daily Life

Strategy Try it yourself
Connect with nature Take an awe walk (GGSC)
Consume awe-inspiring media Watch a Ted Talk or listen to a podcast
Watch an awe-video (GGSC), or choose from this YouTube playlist
Watch a flashmob (YouTube, 5:40 mins)
Engage with the arts Read an awe story (GGSC)
Visit a museum or gallery
Experience live music
Savour experiences of awe Look at photos, talk to other people, or write about awe (GGSC)

Examples of chapters which make effective use of tables[edit | edit source]

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