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Notch, the creator of Minecraft

Minecraft: An independent sandbox game created by Markus "Notch" Persson, later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang, which was sold to Microsoft in 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars. Currently more than 12,000,000 players play Minecraft, and it continues to be a widely popular game.

History[edit | edit source]

Notch Pearson began creating Minecraft in the summer of 2009 after after creating multiple video games including Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer. After the first weekend that it was made, the game sold forty copies each selling for ten euros. As the game was further updated, a significant increase in sales was seen. By early November 2011, the game sold over four million copies.[1] The game was officially released in November 18 2011.[2] 1.1 was made soon after, receiving apples and 51 languages, three of which were fictional.[3]

Items[edit | edit source]

Building Blocks[edit | edit source]

  • Stone
  • Grass Block - A block with dirt at the bottom and then grass at the top. Most of the block is dirt, but the top of the block is grass.
  • Dirt - Brown dirt.
  • Cobblestone - Building block, can be made to make different types of Combat tools and Tools.
  • Planks - Planks are different type of blocks with a type of style. The Planks available are Oak Wood Planks, in which these planks come from Oak Wood (trees). Spruce Wood Planks, a dark lined block. Birch Wood Planks, in which come from Birch Wood.
  • Bedrock - A black and dot covered block. The only time this block can break is during Creative Mode. The other modes (Survival and Adventure Mode), the block cannot break.
  • Oak Wood - Chopped down wood from an Oak Tree.
  • Spruce Wood - Chopped down wood from a Spruce Tree.
  • Sand - Sand yellow block.
  • Gravel - This block is affected by gravity.
  • Gold Ore - A mineral block, if mined, Gold ore will fall out, which can be smelted into ingots.
  • Iron Ore - A mineral block, if mined, Iron ore will fall out, which can be smelted into ingots.
  • Coal Ore - A mineral block, if mined, Coal will fall out.
  • Jungle Wood - Wood found from trees in the Jungle Biome.
  • Sponge - Yellow block with black dots. Can be used to remove water and turn into a wet sponge.
  • Glass - Transparent block.
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore - A mineral block, if mined, Lapis Lazuli Ingots will fall out.
  • Lapis Lazuli Block - Blue block, used for decorations.
  • Sandstone - Stone of Sand, bland.
  • Chiseled Sandstone - A smooth type of Sandstone with the Creeper face.
  • Smooth Sandstone - Decorative and smoothed style of SandStone.
  • Wool - A block which comes from sheep, can be changed into Various colors, see Minecraft/Wool for the different types of wool.
  • Gold - Yellow, gold block.
  • Iron - A block of iron, can be made into an iron golem.
  • Slabs - Check Minecraft/Slabs for information on Slabs and the different type of slabs.
  • Bricks - A red and white stripped block.
  • Bookshelf - A bookshelf block.
  • Moss Stone - A bubbly looking block.
  • Obsidian - A bubbly, black block.
  • Stairs - They are different types of Stairs, read more info on Minecraft Stairs here: Minecraft/Stairs.
  • Diamond - A block of cyan Diamond. More valuable than Gold in Minecraft.
  • Redstone Ore - A mineral block filled with redstone in the block. If mined by a pickaxe, redstone will come on.
  • Ice - A block of ice, water will come out if melted.
  • Snow - A block of white snow, can be made into a snow golem with 2 blocks of snow on top of each other an a pumpkin on top.
  • Clay - A gray like block.
  • Carved Pumpkin - Can be made for a face, such as with the Iron and Snow Golem. Also decorative and can be made into a Jack O-Lantern with a torch inside.
  • Pumpkin - can be found wild or found grown in villages, used to make carved pumpkin and pumpkin pie
  • Watermelon - can be found wild in jungle biome or grown in villages, can be eaten on its own or as glistening watermelon
  • Hay Bale - used to hold large amounts of wheat, can be fed to llamas
  • Coral Block - comes in 6 colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Pink)
  • Ancient Debris - red-brown and grey striped block, after smelted it can be combined with gold to make netherite ingot
  • Loadstone - grey with black cross
  • Dispenser - grey block with a face like design
  • Honey Block - a block made of honey comb
  • Bee Hive - a wild bees home usually found in oak trees near a flower feild

Sources[edit | edit source]

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