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"Mobs" is the term used in Minecraft for any & all of the creatures in the game. It is short for "Mobile".

Hostile Mobs[edit | edit source]

These mobs will attack the player on sight (except Endermen).

Overworld and End Mobs[edit | edit source]

Creatures common in the Overworld (and the End, in the case of the Enderman & Endermite). Usually spawn at night.

  • Enderman - Endermen are neutral mobs, until you look at them. they open their mouth and shake and attack after looking at them or hitting them. They can teleport behind you and attack when they are aggroed . They evade projectiles. If you wear a pumpkin, they wont attack you. They are damaged by water, rain, fire, and lava
  • Zombies - Zombie class mobs have 20 hit points (10 hearts). It attacks by moving towards the player and attacking. They can be dangerous in hordes. Zombies can break down wooden doors in hard mode and hardcore. When you attack a zombie, more zombies in the area will attack you. They burn in daylight. Zombies usually drop rotten flesh like all other types of zombies but can also drop: armor/tool they're holding'wearing, potatoes, carrots, and rarely iron ingots.
  • Baby Zombies: - Baby Zombies are smaller versions of zombies and are much faster than regular zombies. They can pick up blocks, armor, and tools, like zombies and burn in daylight. Baby zombies also can ride and control mobs. The mobs they can ride are: sheep, cows, pigs, donkeys, other zombies, and the most commonly known, horse(Horse Jockey) and chicken(Chicken Jockey). and drop the same things as grownup Zombies.
  • Zombie Villager - Villagers become zombie villagers when a zombie/baby zombie/husk kills them. Unlike a witch, Zombie Villagers can be converted back into a villager by using a splash potion of weakness and golden apple. Zombie villagers also spawn naturally and can pick up armor, blocks, and tools. When a villager with a job is turned into a Zombie Villager and turned back into a Villager, they lower their trade prices.
  • Husks - Unlike all other types of zombies, Husks have gotten used to the hot sun and desert they spawn in, meaning they are immune to burning. They spawn with armor, tools and drop everything a normal zombie does and when hit by one, you gain the hunger effect.
  • Drowned: -Drowned are very special. Drowned spawn naturally or when zombies/zombie villagers stay in a deep water source for too long. Drowned can pick up blocks, and spawn with a trident, fishing rod, or nautilus shell. They don't naturally spawn with armor. and when killed, they can possibly drop: Rotten flesh, whatever they're holding, and most things zombies drop, except, they drop gold ingots instead of iron ingots. They burn in sunlight or if they leave the water.
  • Skeletons - Skeleton class mobs are mobs that attacks with a bow. They has 10 hearts. They can hold swords sometimes (which is very rare), and they attack like Wither Skeletons and can possibly spawn, riding spiders, known as the spider jockey. They die in the daylight without a helmet, and when skeleton horses are struck by lighting, they spawn a skeleton horsman party, which is hostile.
  • Strays - Strays are a type of skeleton that spawns in snowy areas or in a tundra biome. They fire arrows of slowness and can possibly spawn with armor and a enchanted bow, like skeletons. They also burn in sunlight.
  • Witches - Witches are enemies that spawn rarely at night or spawn in Witch huts (also where you can find a type of cat). These huts mainly and rarely spawn in Swamp Biomes. They use splash potions to attack, such as poison, weakness, and instant damage. If they enter fire or lava, they will drink Fire Resistance potions. Villagers struck by lightning turn into a Witch
  • Endermite - Endermites are small mobs, like silverfish, that sometimes appear after you use a ender pearl. Surprisingly, Endermen attack Endermites if they are in a 64 block radius.
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders - Spiders climb up walls. They are hostile at night, or in the dark, or when you hit them (in the day). They are somewhat dangerous, but are less dangerous than cave spiders, which does damage and poisons you. If they fall from far enough, they can sometimes die from falling from places they are climbing. Spiders can sometimes have some effects, such as Speed. and can fit in 1 by 2 block gaps. Cave spiders can fit through a 1 by 1 block gap and only spawn in caves
  • Creeper - The most iconic Minecraft mob. They attack by getting near the player and blowing up. When struck by lightning, they become Charged Creepers and deal more damage. If a Charged Creeper blows up another creeper, a zombie, or a skeleton, the mob that was blown up's head is drops
  • Guardian/Elder Guardian - They are found near ocean temples. They attack squids and players with lasers. The Elder Guardians give Mining Fatigue when they attack the player.
  • Spider Jockey/Chicken Jockey - Skeleton riding a Spider and Baby Zombie riding a Chicken, respectively.
  • Shulker - Shulkers are end mobs that are found in End Cities and End Ships. They have armor shells that resist attacks, so you have to wait for it to be open to deal damage. If you are hit by a shulkers' projectile, you gain levitation and start to float
  • Wolf (when attacked) - Wolves become hostile when attacked. They attack in packs, which means that when you attack one wolf (not tamed), it and other nearby wolves will attack you. Wolves don't drop anything when killed.
  • Pillagers- Pillagers are mobs that spawn at pillager towers, use crossbows as weapons, and they come with the ravagers at a village raid. They are part of the Village and Pillage update.
  • Evokers - They spawn during village raids and in woodland mansions. They cast spells, spawn Vexes, and drop totems of undying when killed.
  • Vindicators - Vindicators have similarities to Evokers and Pillagers. They spawn in Woodland Mansions and fight with a iron axe. In Raids, they can possibly have enchanted axes
  • Vexes - Vexes are ghost-like mobs that are spawned by Evokers. They wield iron swords and can fly through blocks.

Nether Mobs[edit | edit source]

These mobs are exclusive to the nether, with the exception of the Zombie Pigman. They are immune to fire/lava.

  • Zombified Piglin- They are Nether mobs that attack in groups when a player attacks them.
  • Blaze - A fiery mob that spawns in fortresses and shoots fireballs and flies.
  • Ghasts - Big mobs that shoot explosive fireballs at the player. They have long range so use a bow, sword and fishing rod combo, or hit its fireballs right back at it to kill it.
  • Wither Skeletons - They are tall, black skeletons that live in the Nether Fortress. They wield stone swords. When they attack the player, they inflict the Wither effect, that repeatedly damage the player and can kill you, unlike poison. When killed, they can drop Wither Skulls, which are used to summon the Wither.
  • Piglin - Piglins spawn with either a gold sword or a crossbow they can be distracted with gold for bartering/Piglin trading, Piglins will occasionally spawn with gold armor, and if you wear any kind of gold armor piglins won’t attack. Just don't open or break chest around them because that'll make them attack you even with gold armor on. Using hoppers is the best way to get loot from their chests.
  • Piglin Brute - Piglin Brutes spawn in Bastions and aren't afraid of anything and can't be distracted by gold. They don’t spawn with armor but weild a gold axe. Piglin Brutes will attack players and wither skeletons when in sight
  • Hoglins - Hoglins are hostile, big, pig-like mobs with tusks that spawn in Crimson Forests. The best way to get away from them is by using warped fungus due to these big creatures being afraid of it.
  • Zoglins - Zoglins are undead, hostile mobs created when a hoglin enters the Overworld or End.

Boss Mobs[edit | edit source]

These mobs are the strongest creatures in the game.

  • Ender Dragon - The final boss. It is in the end. They regain health from Ender Crystals which are on top of Obsidian Pillars. It has 100 hearts.
  • Wither - Another boss mob that attack with Wither Skulls that explode. It also inflicts the Wither effect. It has 150 hearts. They are created with 4 Soul Sand blocks and 3 Wither Skulls. This mob regenerates health over time. When its health is below half, it becomes immune to projectile.

Passive Mobs[edit | edit source]

These mobs are ones that do not attack the player. Mostly used to get items.

  • Pigs - Pigs can be killed for food (raw porkchop) or rode in with a saddle, but to control them, you need a carrot on a stick.
  • Sheep - Sheep can be sheared to get wool or killed to get meat (raw mutton) and wool. You can dye a sheep's wool. When 2 dyed sheep are bred, you can get a mixture of the colors, if they are compatible. If you name a sheep spawn egg "jeb" or by using a nametag, its wool will change into the colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately, if you sheer the sheep or kill it, you get the sheeps' original wool color,
  • Cows - Cows can be killed to get meat (raw beef) and leather. Cows also can be milked, which gets rid of effects.
  • Chickens - Chickens can be killed to get meat (raw chicken, when eaten, has the chance to give you hunger) and feathers which are used to mske arrown. They also lay eggs and when thrown, has a 3.13 percent chance of spawning a baby chicken.
  • Mooshrooms - A variety of cows that only spawn in the "Mushroom Islands" biome. With similarities to cows, be milked, but instead, you use a bowl and get mushroom stew. Mooshrooms can also be sheared to obtain mushrooms, causing it turn back into a regular cow. When struck by lighting, mooshrooms can turn brown with brown mushrooms instead of red.
  • Bats - Bats are found in caves. Bats don't drop anything when killed. They're the only passive mobs that spawn in the dark, and the only ones that can fly.
  • Villagers - Villagers live in villages and tend to seem the most human-like. They can trade emeralds for items from them or trade for emeralds. There are multiple professions, and each one trades different items with you. If a villager is struck by lighting, it turns into a witch.
  • Wandering Trader - Exactly as it says, These villagers wander around with their llamas in tow, trading items from different biomes and dimensions.
  • Rabbits - Can be killed to get meat (raw rabbit), rabbit hides, and a rabbit foot.
  • Ocelot - The split of ocelots and cats occurred in Minecraft 1.14. Ocelots still exist, and you can gain their trust by feeding them fish, but you can no longer tame them.

Mobs that can be tamed[edit | edit source]

These peaceful mobs can be tamed and kept as pets, and can help with protection or travel.

  • Cat - No longer do cats come from taming ocelots, now they live in villages. You tame them with fish, which also heals them.
  • Wolf - Wolves can be tamed with bone. They will attack anything you attack and anything that attacks you, except Creepers. They cannot go through Nether Portals. You can feed them meat to heal them. If you attack an untamed wolf, it and others nearby become hostile (See Hostile Mobs section).
  • Horse - Can be tamed by trying to ride them. When tamed, you can ride them with a saddle. You can also equip them with armor. You can feed them apples to heal them. This also works for llamas and donkeys.

Also a parrot can be tamed using seeds

Golem Mobs[edit | edit source]

These mobs are made by the player (like the Wither) and do not fit well into any of the above categories.

  • Iron Golem - Spawn in large villages, or can be made with 4 iron blocks and a pumpkin. They attack some hostile mobs when near, and players, if they attack the villagers. They deal large amounts of damage & their attacks have a lot of knockback.
  • Snow Golem - Made with 2 snow blocks and a pumpkin. They throw snowballs, which deal damage to Blazes and the Enderdragon only. They knock back others. They die in Deserts and Jungles, and in rain and water.