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ACA - 118

College Course ACA - 118 Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Welcome, ACA - 118 is a course in the college, it's for developing master student skills. It's divided into sections; 12, 04... Sections depending on instructors. This course is how to be a master student.

Book Title: Becoming a Master Student 13th edition. Author: Dave Ellis. There's a textbox edition and a kindle edition. If you are a student at CPCC, you can get to access the e-book.

Master Student

Master students are people that do what they need to do. They're on time for class, they do their work and do a good job. They make good grades. They learn from instructor's lectures. They access blackboard and print off the notebook handouts. They go to the campus library and information on the topic containing the subject. You should start at the Central High building if your at central campus. You should ask for information packages about the class and preview information. Before class starts, you should take a tour of the campus. You should also get a map of the campus. The campuses all have different layouts. The are spread out across Mecklenburg County, NC.

Instructor's Lectures

An Instructor will lecture a lot and sometimes it will be hard learn if you are a visual learner. Sometimes instructors will discuss information that is not in the book. They'll sometimes let you get a tape recorder and record a lecture. You have to get permission for that. Some instructors might have emotional states and they don't want to be recorded.

Memory Memory is a record of thoughts stored. Memory is in your cerebral cortex. Brain hemispheres; frontal lobes, parietal lobes, occipital lobes and temporal lobes. Those parts of the brain are a part of memory.

Time Management

Time management is where you manage you time correctly. You plan out your day hour after hour. The instructor may assign an activity on the topic.

Learning Styles (VAK) Visual - seeing colors and visual memory. Auditory - listening to lectures. Kintestic / Tactile - grasping and learning with you hands.

Health Emotional states depression suicide is not a positive solution to your problems. Laughing is a good helping device for emotions. It's good to have good physical health.

Communication Talking is a kind of communication (verbal). Non-verbal is when you use body language to communicate. Instructors' may come up with games to play teaching the topic.