Maritime Clinical Colloquial Network/Colloquia history/Sep 03: 8:00-9:30

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Drs. Marietta, Raphael, Olaf
Contact Dermatitis
Ishihara colour blindness test, London, England, 1948 Wellcome L0058975
  1. Present: Drs. Marietta, Raphael and Olaf


  1. Diagnóstico de Diabetes en marinos (Dr. Rafael Pretto) gave an overview of his routine examinations, lab tests and advice
  2. On the 17 Sep Dr Pretto will come up with a small guideline in text
  3. Follow-up of patients and seafarers who come for Entry - the anamnesis is often based on the pts own information
  4. IMHA Research Archives was presented and the usefulness discussed