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1 The programming languages specifically designed to create 3D objects that MakerWare can interpret include:


2 What is the build plate leveled against?

gravity .. leveled with a tiny bubble level
the XY plane the printhead travels on
bottom of the makerbot

3 When changing the PLA filament, what should you be worried about?

Not breaking filament off inside the print head
Making sure the nozzle is warmed up
Melting the guide tube
Burning your fingers

4 Where can you set the dimensions of your part?

In the software that created the object
In the Makerware software
Can not set the dimensions, just guess
Print different versions until you find the right size

5 How is a print job aborted?

Pull power cord
Press the M button
Press the button to the left of the M button
Press the button to the bottom of the M button

6 When should the build plate be re-leveled?

After an object is removed
After the tape is replaced
After the filament is changed
After the build plate is manually pushed for any reason
After the makerbot has been moved

7 How is the old PLA filament removed?

Through the MakerBot utility menu
Letting stepper motor push the old filament up
Pulling old filament up when told by MakerBot
Pushing down on spring clamp, then pulling old filament up once headed

8 What should not be printed?

trademarked, patented stuff
gun parts .. is against Federal Law
Personal stuff
Project related items
Personal Inventions

9 How is the new PLA filament inserted?

Through the makerbot utility menu
Pushing new filament until stepper motor grabs it and finishes pushing through nozzle
Pushing down on the spring clamp, then pushing new filament until grabbed by the stepper motor

10 Leveling the build plate takes practice. What is the preferred problem to have?

Error in making a gap too large between the nozzle and the table
Error in making the table slope down from left to right
Error in making the table slop down front to back
Error in making the gap between the initial position of the nozzle and the table too small

11 What causes the build plate to not be level?

removing objects that have been printed
turning off and on
pushing the build plate around manually

12 Lots of little objects all printed at the same time are more of a problem why?

Prints can be messy
PLA warps, print head may click or catch the object and knock it off the table
Problems avalanche, one piece coming off messes up the neighbors

13 MakerWare needs files in what format?


14 Suppose the printer stops randomly. The print head is too close to remove any material start and over. How should the build platform be moved?

use jog or home controls on the front of the makerbot
push down on the build platform
start printing again and it will move to the correct spot
pull the painter's tape off while platform is in the printer

15 What 3D software can save files in STL or OBJ?

3D Studio Max

16 What is the preferred normal build surface?

Blue painter's tape
The clear plexiglass surface embossed with the makerbot logo
Double sided tape
Masking tape

17 What causes the nozzle to clog?

PLA burning and turning into ash
PLA being melted twice (cool down, heat up, cool down, heat up without extruding)
PLA covering the nozzle so can not cool properly

18 What happens if objects are not placed on the platform in MakerWare?

print nozzle clogs, nobody can print
blob of pla accumulates on the nozzle
nothing much, just doesn't print right
bottom view layers aren't right, but otherwise object prints fine

19 Who owns the objects printed?

person printing
person who created *.xg3 file
nobody and everybody .. everything is free

20 There are lots of places where pre-drawn objects can be downloaded and printed. Which are some of them below?

OpenSCAD gallery

21 What two steps must be done in order to get an estimate of the build time?

Check preview in the advanced options screen
Click on the build time estimate button
Multiply the number of build layers by 0.6 to get minutes
Export to a file and then the preview screen appears

22 It is possible to print through a USB cable. Why do we use an SD card?

set up a manual print queue
record information about the print (owner, object/file name, print time, etc)
enable multiple people to share the makerbot
encourage people to create *.x3g files while the makerbot is printing

23 When should a raft be used?

When there is very little object contact with the build plate
Tall and skinny objects
High resolution printing ... so the first layer blobs are minimized

24 When should someone extrude for 30 seconds?

When the Makerbot has cooled down and sat unused.
Before every print job.
After 10 hours of printing.
Before every other print job.

25 Why extrude for 30 seconds?

Clean out any burnt PLA that may be stuck inside the nozzle.
Make sure the PLA spool is not not stuck, kinked or caught on something.
Make sure the PLA comes straight down off the nozzle

26 Why is leveling the build plate important?

preventing nozzle from clogging
so objects print correctly
so the nozzle travels above the build plate at a constant distance
so that one can remove objects from the printer when done

27 What is the manual print queue for?

Like an normal print queue, first come first served.
It just helps everyone form a line so that everything eventually gets printed.
So that one person doesn't hog the printer for 24 hours.
So that long jobs get printed at night when nobody is in the room.
So that objects can be reprinted if they become popular.

28 Why is it mandatory to watch the first layer or raft print?

This is where most of the problems occur
Build plate may be too far below nozzle and doesn't stick to the blue painter's tape
Build plate may be too close to the nozzle and nozzle starts dragging PLA around like finger paint.

29 Physically how is the build plate leveled?

There is a level option on the utilities menu of the Makerbot front panel.
Using a tiny bubble level.
Using screws underneath the build plate.
Using a piece of paper or metal shim that is slid between the build plate and the nozzle.

30 How does one extrude for 30 seconds?

Makerbot utilites, load filament
Makerbot utilities, extrude
Makerbot utilities, home
Watch print for 30 seconds