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Target Audience[edit | edit source]

Someone using makerbot and a blog grew on the print head.

Starting Point[edit | edit source]

  • If the PLA blob has not yet been removed .. follow these instructions.
  • Otherwise, am starting from having ripped off the kapton tape and insulation.
  • Have makercare service plan.
  • Have created a service Request #99335, and received ceramic tape in the mail.

Replication Goal[edit | edit source]

Repair the printhead so it looks new again.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

These are videos describing taking apart the makerbot replicator 2 print head

the starting point
duct fan attachment
ceramic tape where does it go?
removed stepper motor, looking at original ceramic tape
duct fan mount removed
finding screws to remove block, nozzle assembly
heating elements, temperature sensor, tying to figure out where ceramic tape goes
failure to remove the bolts holding 2 blocks together
lost trying to figure out how to attach new ceramic tape

Makerbot responded to these videos with this:

The second hole near the edge is actually supposed to be sliced 
open at the end. That should slip over the Thermal Barrier Tube, 
and the other hole goes around the nozzle. You can then remove 
that square of tape and secure it on top.

These are videos of the repair job that succeeded!

planning how to proceed
figuring out where the holes go
planning how to loop sticking end on top of start
inspecting the results
adding more ceramic tape from original makerbot
putting everything back together