MakerBot/assembly of iris box

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Target Audience[edit | edit source]

Someone printing thingiverse iris box.

Starting Point[edit | edit source]

Have printed the parts successfully, want to assemble.

Replication Goal[edit | edit source]

Turn the cog wheel and the iris petals all move out of the way, but the lid doesn't shake open.

Procedure Inspect[edit | edit source]

Check that the leaves, box and lid formed ok. The leaf groove slides on a box numb in an arc determined by the leaf groove. The leaf hole moves in a different path determined by the circle of the box. Twisting the lid causes these two points to rotate the leaves. youtube Video

Procedure Assemble[edit | edit source]

  1. The makerbot can knock off the numbs when making the bottom box. In this case a screw was inserted into the PLA where the numb was knocked off. Then the screw head was cut off with a dremel. The dremel caused the screw to heat up and melt the PLA. The PLA and screw were cooled in position with water. Water can cause the PLA to degrade, so care was taken to not soak anything. In the future, dremel, then run cold water over the screw head until cold. Go slow.
  2. Select screws
  3. The base has long holes in it coming up from the bottom. The holes are not tapered, so screw can have a head on it. Don't push screws down into the holes, find big head that still rattles down the hole and doesn't come out the top.
  4. Tape leaves together so they will stay in position
  5. Turn everything upside down, take base off, align holes in lid and leaves
  6. Put the box on upside down, drop screws into the holes and tighten
  7. Take the tape off and test ... loosen or tighen screws until perfect