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Building STL files in blender and printing them[edit | edit source]

1. Go the computer near the makerbot
2. Go to "my computer"
3. Click on local Disk (C:)
4. Open the "Program Files (x86)"
5. Open Blender Foundation
6. A cube will appear
7. Delete the cube unless you are making a house
8. Go to "add" in the upper left hand corner
9. Click "Mesh"
10. Add the geometric shape you want. (Icospheres are good).
making a cylinder
11. Design it the way you want.
12. When done with the geometric shape save it as an STL file.
13. Go to file then export and click on STL file
14. Name it and for convenience save it to the Desktop.
15. Open Replicator G
16. Open your file in Replicator G. (If it be big and you want small go to scale)
17. Go to control panel and Click 180 to target temperature and from the Panel temperature type 110 (This will take a couple of minutes, faster if you can type fast though).
18. Generate the Gcode
19. In the Gcode tab replace "S 220 T" to "S 180 T"
20 Click on build
21 Go to the room with the makerbot
22 Now wait for 7 or 100 minutes or so