MakerBot/Scanning an object using kinect: Full 360degree view

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Purpose[edit | edit source]

The tutorial will show how to scan a an object in 360 degree view for 3d printing.

Procedure[edit | edit source]


1. Install drivers from

The drivers must be installed in this order,


A simple process of installing all the drivers without worrying about the order they are installed is to use an all-in-one installer from zigu, can be found on the same website (

2. download and unzip RgbDemo in any folder on the computer.
3. Plug in the kinect
4.Collaborate the kinect with the printed checkered board so that the kinect can follow all the movements, when scan an object in 360degree view.

after collaborating the image would look similar to this:

RGBdemo files

5. After printing the board collaborate the kinect using the software rgbdemo folder.After collaborating the image would look similar to this:

6.Run the maker software found in the rgbdemo folder
3d model view software
7. There are options for saving the model and they are saved in the same folder where the software is found.
8.This website show a demo as to how the rotating of the board will create 3d scan of an object After scanning save the file as obj file format and open it in any 3d software package.