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Print STL Files with letters[edit | edit source]

1. In ReplicatorG, go to the File drop down menu in the toolbar, select “Open.”
2. In the “Open” window, go to “Desktop” and open the STL file you want to print.
3. The picture of the file should appear on ReplicatorG. To view the model of the object, use the “View”, “Move”, and “Rotate” commands located on the right side of the ReplicatorG window.
4 Go to mirror and Click on the "reflection over the x axis"
5. Click “Generate GCode.”
6. We made changes to the model so, a "Save model?" window will appear. Click yes.
Saving the model
7. In the GCode Generator window, select SF35-cupcake-HBP as a Skeinforge profile.
Selecting Skeinforge Profile
8. Select “Use raft” check box if you want to create a raft.
Checking the raft box
9. Click Generate GCode at the bottom of the GCode Generator window.
Generating GCode for the model
10. Click on the gcode tab. In the ##th line that reads: M04 temp 220 (temperature 220) change the first number (220) to (180).