MakerBot/How to Change the Wire of the Makerbot

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Procedure to Change the wire of the Makebot[edit | edit source]

1. Choose a Computer that is near the makerbot.
near makerbot
2. Plug in the USB cord to the nearest computer.
3. Turn the Makerbot on.
turn on makerbot
4. Go to start.
5. In the search toolbar type "ReplicatorG"
6. Open ReplicatorG
7. Click on the bottom to connect the Replicator to the Makerbot
8. Click on Machine
9. Go into Serial Port and Check if ReplicatorG is in "COM6"
10. Go into Driver and Check that the machine is any of the "Cupcake options"
11. Open Control Panel
12. In the "target temperature" type "180" (Wait for the "Current temperature" to reach "180").
13. Remove the screw from the printing head.
remove screw
14. Raise the printing head so that one can pull out easily the wire.
15. Pull out the wire.
16. Put the new wire into the printing head.
17: Put the screw back.
18: Go into control panel in the "target temperature" type "0" (Wait for the "Current temperature" to reach "180").
19 One can safety turn out the Makerbot.