Mad Max's - Creating more sounds with rhythm using GarageBand and symphony orchestra sounds

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These instructions are designed for GarageBand 3 plus the sounds of a symphony orchestra.
GarageBand is easy and fast yet powerful enough to do film scoring.
Please, tell me if you find anything as good!

This course in music and filmmaking is:
Film scoring introduction for filmmakers
This lesson is:
Lesson #01: Creating the sound of "Fear" with GarageBand and the sounds of a symphony orchestra
The pages in this lesson are:
Lesson Summary: Creating moods using the instruments of the symphony orchestra
Page 1: Getting started with GarageBand and symphony orchestra
Page 2: Creating the sound of fear with GarageBand - 6 points
Page 3: Creating additional moods with individual notes - 6 points
Optional: Create a musical cue for the motion picture "Graduation Day" - 20 points
Creating the additional moods with gentle rhythm

Search the symphony orchestra sounds

1. Locate other sounds
Bells are great... but now you need to try other instruments to find very gentle notes what will create moods when played as background rhythm.
Try using the notes of a string guitar and harp which are in GarageBand with Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra.

Send me your results

2. Pick four notes

Again, pick four notes which when played rapidly over and over great a mood.

Create a project file in GarageBand and place the notes in the project file and repeat them for four mesasures.

3. Send me your project files for new moods.

Once you are happy with sounds, send me the project file. Each file is 2 points (6 points maximum).

This lesson is done!

The Next Page

Once you have sent me your project files for three additional moods creatd with a repeating rhythm in GarageBand with Symphony Orchestra sounds, you are finished with this lesson.
In your next lesson, you must create moods with melody.

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