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  • w:GNU Octave is a free MATLAB clone that you can download[1] You can write Octave with Notepad++, which is a free text editor you can download.[2] Notepad++ allows you write code for a large variety of programs, including MATLAB (which they call MATrix LABoratory) If you are accustomed to Windows and GUIs, the batch programming associated with GNU Octave will seem strange. But it will teach you a little DOS and make you a better programmer.
  • w:Mathematica is an entirely different program, which like MATLAB is available commercially. Mathematica is the 'king' of symbolic manipulation, far better than MATLAB. Also, Mathematica sponsors an online free symbolic integrator that integrates functions that the MATLAB integrator fails to integrate. (Sadly, the free online Mathematica integrator fails to do definite integrals.)
  • Python is general-purpose, high-level language with code designed to be easily read. It is free software and appears to be quite popular.[3]

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MATLAB/Octave tells you how to install Octave on a Windows machine. Use it if you do not have ready access to MATLAB, or use it instead of MATLAB just for fun.[5] Also, it is possible to write a wikiquiz with testbank using Octave. See for example this Physics quiz.

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  1. GNU Octave is available at If you have Windows you need to look at and download Octave from:
  2. Notepad++ can be downloaded at
  3. Your teachers are right not to let you reference Wikipedia/Wikiersity. If you know of a more reliable source become an editor and pitch in!
  4. The MATLAB tutorial be found at
  5. Keep in mind that Octave cannot do everything that MATLAB can do.

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