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Hello and welcome to the free online MATLAB course. Topics in this course will range from basic to semi-advanced. Through this course, you will learn how to solve mathematical equations, draw 2D and 3D shapes, control code flow, and preform a variety of tasks using MATLAB. First, you will learn the basics, such as the name and function of each window, how to declare variables, and how to define a function in MATLAB. Most of the information will be taken from several reliable sources available on the internet such as website. What will be covered is essential to all engineering students. If you want to become an engineer, then you have to know the material covered in this course.

Most MATLAB skills that are taught in college could be found on the internet for free. The only problem is that it is hard to find all the information you want in one website. In this course, I do my best to solve that problem by providing links to Wikipedia pages and other websites that help you find more information about the topics you may be interested in.

Before we start

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You can only download MATLAB through MathWorks website. After you first download it, you will have 30 days of free trial. Once the trial ends, you will no longer have access to the software.


For may people the one month trial is not enough. If that is the case with you, do not worry. You can go this website ( click here ) where you can use MATLAB emulator for free without having to download anything on your PC. Keep in mind that this website is not as good as MATLAB, but they can be used to apply what will be taught here.

Notes from instructor

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  • The main reason for writing this course is because I really enjoy making a difference. I have been promoted to an auto-patrolled editor at Wikipedia after my several contributions to many Engineering articles were publsihed. However, most of the articles that I have worked on have an enormous amount of information now. For that reason, I have decided to focus on another project. What motivates me the most is the feedback that I get from readers. For that reason, I URGE you to write your opinion about this course in the discussion page or my personal page
  • You may notice that there are a lot of links to MATLAB' s Wikibooks page. There are four significant differences between Wikibooks and this course. 1_ Wikiversity is more interactive. In Wikiversity, you can e mail the instructor if you have a question. 2_ This course has a lot of visual aids, while MATLAB 's page on Wikibooks does not any. 3_ There is a quiz after every two lectures in this course. 4_ In general, Wikibooks contains more information about MATLAB than this course; however, a lot of information that is taught here, are not be mentioned in Wikibooks, and vice versa. It is best to use both sources to learn MATLAB

Difference from other learning sources

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If you type on Google "Learn MATLAB online for free", you will probably find a lot of websites for that purpose, so what makes this course different from them?

1_ Gathers information from several sources . You do not learn MATLAB only from one source.I will put links to teaching websites that I have found on the internet which I think they may be useful to you. Also, many new concepts are linked to Wikipedia articles and other helpful websites. If you come across a new concept or idea in this course, most likely it will be written in blue, and by clinking on it, it will take you to a website page where more information could be found. Also, if you feel like learning more about a certain topic, several links will be provided in the External Links section at the end of each lecture.

2_ Teaches the essentials .. Many people who want to learn MATLAB go to MathWorks website. This website is very useful and contains a lot of information; however, you can not learn MATLAB through it because you would not know where to start, or what are the basics that you must know and what are the functions that you will barely use while coding.

3_ Feedback and quizzes . Some quizzes will be posted every lecture asking you to write a small piece of code and answer some questions. After finishing the quiz, let me know, and I will send you a link to an online Google document that has the answers.Click here to send me an email.

4_ Advertisements-free .: Unlike most of the free learning websites, this course does not contain any advertisement because this website is not for profit.

5_ Learn at your own pace While some courses may have fixed start and end dates, this one does not. So you can take your time learning.

6_ Offered in other languages . If English is not your native language, check the list to see if this course is available in other languages. ( To be translated later)

While some free courses have some of the elements listed above, very few have have all of them combined.

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Learning objectives

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By the time you finish this course you should be:

  1. familiar with the basics of MATLAB;
  2. able to solve almost any equation using MATLAB;
  3. able to draw 2D and 3D shapes using different commands;
  4. able to draw plots and perform statistical analysis.
  5. more objectives are being added


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The following websites and persons have helped me creating this course


2_ MATLAB emulator:

3_ Wikimedia Foundation.

4_ __ have helped in translating the course to : ___