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A member of the Phylum Loricifera, Pliciloricus enigmatus.


  • Name Meaning: Corset bearer
  • English Common Name: Brush heads
  • Major distinguishing characteristics: Umbrella-like scales at each end
  • Approximate number of species described: about 122

Natural History

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The Loricifera are marine animals. They live in the sediment between the grains of gravel or other sediment types.


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The Phylum is divided into one order and three families.

  • Order Nanaloricida
    • Family Nanaloricidae
    • Family Pliciloricidae
    • Family Urnaloricidae


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The small-bodied Loricifera have a head, mouth and digestive system. They also have a lorica, which is an armor-like lorica which is a protective external shell.

The Fossil Record

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One fossil, the Cambrian-era Eolorica deadwoodensis may be associated with the Loricifera.

References and Further Reading

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