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Paracentrophyes quadridentatus, a mud dragon.
  • Kinorhyncha
  • Name Meaning: Motion snout
  • English Common Name: Mud dragons
  • Major distinguishing characteristics: Eleven segments, each with a dorsal plate
  • Approximate number of species described: about 150

Natural History

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The Kinorhyncha are widespread in mud or sand at all depths in marine waters. They live in the sand or mud.


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The Phylum is divided into two orders.

  • Order Cyclorhagida
  • Order Allomalorhagida


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Mud dragons are segmented and limbless. They have a body with three parts, the head, neck, and a trunk of eleven segments.

They do not have cilia, but do have a number of spines along the body, plus up to 7 circles of spines around the head. These spines are used for locomotion.

The Fossil Record

[edit | edit source]

There is apparently no fossil record of these very small animals.

References and Further Reading

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