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Lisp is a multi-paradigm language and the most innovative. It is the most accepting and flexible language of them all. It is the basis for good computer logic. C, C++, and Java are either ugly or verbose. Lisp provides elegant, terse code in which you can bend the language to your own will.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Lisp teaches the logic of computers to novices so when they veer off to an ugly language they can write good code.

Course Description[edit | edit source]

We will be covering:

  1. Struct (the master of OOP)
  2. Functions
  3. Assignment
  4. Macros (Meta-programming)
  5. Iteration
  6. Applied Programming
  7. The loop macro
  8. Recursion

Lessons[edit | edit source]

Enrolled[edit | edit source]

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Links to Materials on the Web[edit | edit source]