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This lesson covers file management CompTIA Linux+ Certification.

Objectives and Skills[edit | edit source]

Objectives and skills for the file management portion of Linux+ certification include:[1]

  • Perform basic file management
    • Copy, move and remove files and directories individually
    • Copy multiple files and directories recursively
    • Remove files and directories recursively
    • Use simple and advanced wildcard specifications in commands
    • Use find to locate and act on files based on type, size or time
    • Usage of tar, cpio and dd
    • The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
      • cp
      • rsync
      • find
      • mkdir
      • mv
      • ls
      • rm
      • rmdir
      • touch
      • tar
      • cpio
      • dd
      • file
      • Compression utilities: gzip, gunzip, bzip2 (pbzip2) and xz
      • file globbing
      • du

Readings[edit | edit source]

  1. Wikipedia: File system

Multimedia[edit | edit source]

Activities[edit | edit source]

  1. Complete the tutorial IBM: Learn Linux, 101: File and directory management

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