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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Typically, in a level 1 survey, you ask your participants feedback about three target areas:

  • Course content
  • Trainer
  • Learning environment.

Let's take a look at each of these areas:

Content[edit | edit source]

What did learners think about the course content?

In a level one survey, ask your participants feedback on different aspects of the course content, including the materials and activities used in the course.

Innovate Technologies wants to find out what new employees think about their orientation program’s course content. In the level 1 evaluation survey, they can find out the following about the content:

  • Whether the course content met learners' expectations
  • Did learners enjoy the Icebreaker activities
  • Whether the Introduction to the Company video was helpful

Trainer[edit | edit source]

How did learners react to the trainer?

In addition to questions about content, find out what your participants thought about the course trainer/facilitator, such as his expertise on the subject, the effectiveness of his communication, etc.

Stratford Healthcare wants to find out whether the Windows training program’s instructor meets the trainees’ expectations. In the level 1 evaluation survey, they can pose the following trainer-related questions:

  • Did the instructor meet the stated course objectives?
  • Was the trainer effective in his presentation?
  • Did the facilitator respond to questions appropriately?

Learning Environment[edit | edit source]

How did learners react to their learning environment?

Finally, in a level one survey, solicit your participants’ feedback on the learning environment and administration issues, such as: facilities, class duration, sign-up process etc.

Glide Airlines wants to find out whether their Customer Support teams like the environment of the “How to handle customer complaints” training. In the level 1 evaluation survey, they can pose the following questions about the learning environment:

  • Did you find the classroom set-up suitable for this program?
  • Were the number of breaks provided sufficient?
  • Was the online sign-up process easy?

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