Creating a Level One Evaluation Survey

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Now, that you know what target areas to focus on in a level one survey, and the types of questions to include, let's look at how best to structure the questions and sequence the survey.

Structuring Your Questions[edit | edit source]

When creating your survey questions, use the following guidelines:

Guideline Example Non-example
Focus each question on a single aspect of the training, especially for closed-ended questions. Did the course content meet your learning objectives? Did the course content engage you and meet your learning objectives?
To the extent possible, create learner-centered questions, not training-centered. Was the pace of the course comfortable for you? Was the pace of the course managed well?
Keep your questions brief and to the point. Was the facilitator helpful to you? Did the facilitator answer all questions that were raised during the session?

Sequencing Your Questions[edit | edit source]

Once you have finalized your questions, you need to figure out the order in which to present them. There are two ways to arrange your questions:

  • by question type
  • by target areas

Which of these options you choose depends on how you use the data you have collected. If, for example, you tabulate qualitative data from level one surveys using a computer application, to further analyze it, then, combining all your closed-ended questions together is useful for this purpose.
If, however, you analyze data for each target area separately, then create a section for questions pertaining to each target area.

Case Study[edit | edit source]

For the final step in this module, create a level survey for Acmay Ltd. to find out the following about their Safety at Work training program: (use each of the question types atleast once in your survey)

  • the content scope
  • participants'suggestions for improving the program
  • preferred training method
  • the trainer's expertise on safety rules & regulations at work
  • whether the lunch provided was good
  • most useful topics

When you have finished creating your survey, compare it to this solution.