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Quantum Mechanics[edit]

QM Video Courses[edit]

QM Textbooks[edit]

  • Cohen-Tannoudji, Shankar


Advanced QM Video Courses[edit]

  • "Introduction to Quantum Optics", LMU, Coursera [link]
  • "Quantum Mechanics II" -- N.Kemal PAK, METU [link]
  • "Atomic and optical physics I, II", MIT [8.421, 8.422, also 8.421 at edx.org]
  • "Relativistic Quantum Mechanics", A.Patel, IISB, NPTEL [link]
  • Advanced quantum theory, Tobias Osborne [link]
  • Theory of quantum noise and decoherence - Tobias Osborne [link]

Quantum Information Video Courses[edit]

QM Foundations[edit]

QM Foundations Video Courses[edit]

  • "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" - Florian Marquardt [link]
  • "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" - Perimeter, R. Spekkens [2009, 2010, 2011, 2012], L. Hardy [2013, 2014]
  • "Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Theory" - Perimeter [2010-1, 2010-2]
  • "Interpretation of Quantum Theory" - Perimeter [2005]
  • Theory of quantum noise and decoherence - Tobias Osborne [link]

QM Foundations Books[edit]

  • Quantum Paradoxes. Y.Aharonov, D.Rohrlich
  • Do We Really Understand Quantum Mechanics? F.Laloë
  • The Quantum Challenge. Modern Research on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. G.Greenstein, A.G.Zajonc

Quantum Field Theory[edit]