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Analytical Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Classical Field Theory[edit | edit source]

  • Classical Field Theory, S.Govindarajan, IITM, NPTEL [link]
  • Electromagnetic Theory II, A. Baykal, METU [link]

General Relativity[edit | edit source]

  • Prof. Hamber, Einstein's General Relativity and Gravitation - UCI [link]
  • Frederic P Schuller, Lectures on general relativity [link] + tutorials [link]
  • E. Akhmedov, Introduction into General Theory of Relativity - HSE, coursera [link] (new)
  • Ruth Gregory, Gravitational Physics Review - PSI [link]
  • Alexander Maloney
  • Alex Flournoy, General Relativity, Colorado School of Mines [link]