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During the whole course we will create a glossary of the key terms collaboratively. Describe the key terms in a few sentences.

This glossary is still work in progress. There are many things which can be improved. So, be free to change things or add more key terms if you think that something is missing.

active learning / principle of operation[edit | edit source]

is a kind of dynamic learning where students perform the activities. Students ask questions like "What will happen if..." and answer them by doing operations.

active plenum[edit | edit source]

cognitive apprenticeship[edit | edit source]

teaching method that allows the development of student skills. First the teacher shows the process (modeling), afterwards students solve tasks by themselves while teacher coaches them (scaffolding, fading, feedback).

constructionism[edit | edit source]

is a learning theory in mathematics that is based on the idea of learning by making in order to construct a product.

dynamic aspects of functions[edit | edit source]

learned-here relate action with your interpretation gràfica. This is the process of exit of tap water for the bath for example, exit a child for school, it pervades a space and time which ves these relate in accordance with its acceleration. In accordance with such action can have graficos quadraticos linear or a type to be determined. (aprendeu-se aqui a relacionar uma acção com a sua interpretação grafica. Isto É o processo da saida da agua da torneira para a banheira por exemplo, a saida duma criança de casa para escola, ela percorre um determinado espaso e tempo que por sua ves estes se relacionam de acordo com a sua aceleração. De acordo com tal acção podemos ter graficos lineares ou quadraticos dum tipo a determinar.)

  • Question: Is this an automatic translation made by Google? ;-)

dynamic geometry system (DGS)[edit | edit source]

EIS principle[edit | edit source]

difentes tipe of representation on mathematics Enactive Icon and Simbolic

estimation[edit | edit source]

A estimacao e importante para o estudo da matematica pois usamos para a modelagem de varios fenomenos.

Fermi question[edit | edit source]

Fermi questions are open-ended problems where students have to estimate missing data.

Opens new horizons for students to develop research capacity, criativity and critical analysis of solution as a function of reality.

GeoGebra[edit | edit source]

GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra, and calculus.

In Geogebra learned a great deal, like much still in particular the construction of figures geometricas but also the demonstration of some teoremas important for the lecionacao Geometry and/or algebra in our schools.(Na Geogebra aprendemos muito, gostamos muito ainda em particular a construção de figuras geometricas como também na demonstração de alguns teoremas importantes para a lecionacao da Geometria e/ou algebra nas nossas escolas).

internet search[edit | edit source]

Desenvolve a capacidade de pesquisa e seleccao de informacoes relevantes.

[edit | edit source]

is a simple educational platform programming for children based on commands and manipulation of a turtle to graphic design.

Logo is a program that helps the student to have a logical reasoning of a geometric figure.

Logo is a wonderful programming language and interessiting teaching tools

Comment: think this idea should be commented in detail. What comprehends not but praise and explain its contribution in learning.

Learn better by doing, talking and thinking

With the programming logo just a great opportunity to motivate students to develop the capacities of construction of various figures

recursion[edit | edit source]

is a programming method in which a function can call itself.

spreadsheet calculation[edit | edit source]

teaching thinking[edit | edit source]

Recursão em matemática e informática é um método de definição de funções em que a função que está sendo definida é aplicada dentro de sua própria definição.

turtle graphics[edit | edit source]

WebQuest[edit | edit source]

WebQuests is an Internet application for educators and teachers used to teach students in the Internet agood way to integrate the Internet in classrooms.