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These is the exercise section for the course JEE. The exercises are under construction, so please be aware and patient, if some details do not work yet

Installation[edit | edit source]

JBoss[edit | edit source]

As described in the course, the version used is a critical thing. JBoss is presenting often new versions and students of course would like to jump on the newest version. For the course material, this is a problem as it will result in an eternal construction place for a shifting target.

Therefore the strategy so far is to use the current stable release 4.22 to create and build the exercises.

Participants of the course who feel comfortable enough to try the exercises with newer versions will - hopefully - add notes about changes needed to run them on the later version.

JBoss 4.22[edit | edit source]

JBoss 4.04[edit | edit source]

  • Step 1: Have JDK 1.5 installed. (It is highly recommended to use 1.5 and not 1.6 with version restriction to 5 as obscure errors have been reported that are tricky to find.!). Create an environment variable JAVA_HOME directory and point it to the root directory.

You can get SUN's JDK at Java SE Downloads - Previous Release - J2SE 5.0

  • Step 2: Goto source forge and download jboss-4.0.4.GA-Patch1-installer.jar. (At the time this exercise was created the full URL was jboss-4.0.4.GA-Patch1-installer.jar. You may want to see the notes at Notes ).Install the downloaded jar on the command line with "java -jar jboss-4.0.4.GA-Patch1-installer.jar"
    • After defining the target directory to install, you have to select an Install type. You have to select ejb3-clustered! (TODO define the reason why. Probably the other versions have bugs?).
    • in the next pane, select all installation packages
    • in the pane "configuration name" accept the name default (it prevents you from running into errors, because you forgot to use "-c [configurationname")
    • In the pane "Isolation and call by value semantics" check the box for "Enable deployment isolation / call by value" (Otherwise you get strange errors if e.g. you redeploy an application even without having changed anything! Read the notes if you want to know more)
    • In the pane JMX Security you may want to disable the admin username and password. If you keep them (or better change them), remember to add them to your shutdown script with -u [username] -p [password]
    • After the installation is completed, you are offered to save an installation report. It is recommendable to do that to find possible configuration problems later on