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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Goals of the course[edit | edit source]

  • Understand the use and benefits of Java Enterprise Edition JEE
  • Get familiar with the architecture
  • Enable to write a middleware layer (Note: JSP is used, but not explained. It has its own course!)

This course does not prepare for a certification. (Maybe another course will)

Target audience[edit | edit source]

  • IT- Decision makers
  • Developers

Exercises[edit | edit source]

This must be the heart of the course. However, it is not clear, how this should be done best.

For the exercises we will use the following open source-environment:


There is a major issue about the version being used:

From the student's perspective it is best to use the newest version to be on the most recent level.

From the teacher's perspective it is best to continue with the version choosen at the beginning of the course. If the course material was changed for every update of only the server, then the course will be under construction for ever.

It is necessary to develop a strategy to close that gap. A rough idea would be the teachers starting with one particular version and complete the course with these "frozen" versions. At the end, the teachers and students create groups to migrate the exercises to the newer versions.

Course material[edit | edit source]

Sun's JEE Tutorial

Note: It is not fixed, which versions will be used as IDE and application server!


Eclipse IDE


Download JBoss at sourceforge


Download JBoss at JBoss

JBoss Wiki

The first - and very crucial - exercise is to setup the application server. We start with JBoss.

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