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Source: Invariant Tasks by Charles M. Reigeluth. Used by Permission.

Overview: As described previously, the Drill and Practice Model of Instruction is often used to teach invariant tasks, such as to facilitate memorization of facts. These instructional tactics can be further enhanced by incorporating them into game based instruction. Within this section of the lesson, a video demonstration of tactics to teach invariant tasks using a game based format is presented.

Video Presentation: Tactics for Teaching - A Game Example

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Please view the short video presentation linked here which demonstrates how invariant tasks can be taught within a game based scenario. Note that the basic format of the game builds upon the Generic Board Game (GBG) format as presented in Framegames By Thiagi by Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan - see also The Thiagi Group web site for more information on Framegames.

When watching the video, note how the routine Drill and Practice tactics of presentation, practice and feedback are present within the game. In addition, repetition, review and feedback (both informational and motivational) are built into both the play of the game, as well as the debrief session.

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