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The Project[edit | edit source]

Apply your knowledge of Guerrilla Warfare to one, some, or all of the problems below.

How Do I Use this Project to Learn?[edit | edit source]

The purpose of a project is to reinforce the knowledge you have gained from personal study by doing something that applies that knowledge. You may do one of the suggested activities in this project, you may do them all. You can even add your own activity and do it. It is entirely up to you. You may choose to do one now, and do one later so that you can see to what degree your knowledge on this subject has deepened. You are free to choose how you approach the deepening of your understanding.

Every project has a question or set of questions to answer. Through doing an activity (or activities), you give yourself the ability to answer these questions from your own experiences. When you feel it is time, please create a page that is a /sub-page/ of this page and write your thoughts from the experience you gained. You can link the sub-page through the "Active Participants" section below. Good luck, and happy learning!

Questions[edit | edit source]

For each of the questions below, make a hypothesis now about the answer, write it down, and then test it through one or more of the activities.

  1. When is Guerrilla most effective?
  2. How is Guerrilla most effectively opposed by a conventional military force?
  3. In what environment does Guerrilla not work effectively?
  4. What is the link between Guerrilla and radical ideology? Is there a link?
  5. Is Guerrilla wholly the realm of revolutionary warfare, or can Guerrilla techniques be used on the offence? Can they be used by state actors?

22 Regiment Special Air Service intelligence once existed. The theory is as follows. Some chap on crutches turns up at local hq and says to the commander he has a clever idea. The commander says okay. We have invented aeroplanes. Aeroplanes crash sometimes. If the aeroplane crashes behind enemy lines, and the pilot survives, what are the particular skills he would need to make it back to home territory? Then, those skills are quantifiable. If we reduce to only those skills and learn to be very good at them, what have we got? That is the Special Air Service specifically, and nothing else.

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Assist the Board Game Design group with a game that encompasses Guerrilla. Play it. Make improvements that better implement the role of Guerrilla in the game. Examine the questions above in light of what you have accomplished.
  • Investigate the coverage of Guerrilla topics on Wikipedia and the rest of the Wikimedia Foundation. Follow the links online and read offline texts to check on facts and help footnote the articles. Alternatively, you could research what you find to be an error, or a topic that should be covered much more deeply, and expand or edit the article accordingly.
  • Research and write a short story that explores the concept of Guerrilla in some way. Perhaps approach one or many of the questions above in the story, and think of how these questions might logically affect the storyline.

Active Participants[edit | edit source]

Remember to post your findings or links to your work in this section, and make suggestions for improvements to the Course based on your work!