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 Introduction to Aymaran

Aymaran pronunciation


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Aymara has three phoneme vowels (/a i u/, which distinguish two degrees of length. The high vowels are lowered to mid height before uvular consonants (/i/[e], /u/[o]).

As for the consonants, Aymara has phonemic stops at the labial, alveolar, palatal, velar and uvular points of articulation. Stops show no distinction of voice (e.g. there is no phonemic contrast between [p] and [b]), but each stop has three forms: plain (unaspirated), glottalized, and aspirated. Aymara also has a trilled /r/, and an alveolar/palatal contrast for nasals and laterals, as well as two semivowels (/w/ and /j/).

Stress is usually on the penult (the syllable before the last one), but long vowels may shift it.

Introduction to Aymaran/Aymaran pronunciation

Pronunciation bases

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(ay) (en) IPA notation
Kamisaraki Hello kamisaraki
Mirà Please mira